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Personalizing Twitter

We’ve discussed the importance of Social Media, being on the “big three” (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter), but once you’re there, then what? You’re going to want to stand out from the crowd. What we’re going to talk about over the next couple weeks or so is different ways to personalize your different Social Media accounts…

The Importance of Social Media

So what’s all the Social Media hype about anyway? Is it really that important? Easiest answer – yes! Social Media today is what the fax machine or email address introductions were in their time. Some resisted in adopting the technology, but eventually every respected business had them. Now a day if you don’t have an email address you barely exist!

Logos – Changing Logos

This is the final post for our Logo series, and as we’ve covered in the last couple of posts a logo can most often be the face of your company – so you want to get it right! Ideally you will be able to make a good decision, with the help of a professional graphic designer, to pick and design a great logo that will last you for quite some time. However, sometimes you either do not start with a good logo or your logo can get out dated and you have to change it. Keeping your logo current can show that your company is current. This is generally a very expensive decision, especially if you are a well established company, so not a decision made quickly!

Logos – Text or No Text?

Another thing that one has to think about when designing a logo is if you want to incorporate text into your logo or not. There are a few major companies that are moving away from the text and sticking just with images, yet there are others that if they took the text out of the logo they would not even have a logo left! You have to decide what it right for your company.