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Google Takes Doodle to the Next Level

Well Google has done it again, another great and unique “Doodle”. They’ve altered their home page graphic for their search engine in homage to Robert Moog

Overlooked Networking Opportunity – Volunteering!

There are so many different events out there, great causes, places to connect. So many different choices and we’re always wondering, what’s going to really make the most impact? It can often be near impossible to decide how to split our networking time most efficiently. Now, when you go to networking events, who do you remember the most? The people sitting at your table, the couple people you spoke to briefly while grabbing your cup of coffee? Perhaps. But I bet you’d really remember the people working at the event – the lady that greeted you at the door, maybe the gentleman at the registration table, and of course the MC of the event. Which is my point, a lot of the time our networking can be turbo-boosted by simply getting more involved.