About ARK Squared Productions

ARK Squared Productions started in the Summer of 2010 by Anna Kouwenberg and Adam Kouwenberg.  Anna has always had a passion for anything creative so when presented with the option of going back to her previous employment while raising two very young children or starting her own business so she could have more flexibility  – the decision was not a difficult one!  The flexibility to spend time with our growing family while doing various branding work for great clients…well, we’ve never looked back!

Fast forward, and it certainly felt FAST, we’re now many years later and ARK Squared has been able to help out many local and even international businesses with online and offline branding work for their companies.  We’ve spent much time doing great websites, primarily in WordPress, and also working on some great print or display pieces too among many other great projects!

ARK Squared is based in the Cowichan Valley area of Vancouver Island in the beautiful city of Duncan. We service clients from Vancouver Island, to Greater Vancouver to other parts in Canada and the United States and even Australia!  With a digital business our service area is almost limitless.  We service many different industries – we love the variety! From working with Realtors that like to stand out from the crowd, health care professionals that want to communicate how they can improve their customers lives, to large trucking companies that want that extra attention and service that comes from a boutique designer – and everything in between.

What Makes Us Different

Many graphic design and branding companies have their own look and clients come to them and are served up designs that the designer thinks are good for them. Kind of like they’re saying “here’s our box, you can fit into it”.  At ARK2 we do things differently.  We take the time to have one-on-one discussions or meetings with our clients, ask them tailored and specific questions to learn their vision, their desires, their design ideas and we bring them to life.  So we don’t give our clients OUR designs, we learn what they really want and need and give them THEIR designs.

Since starting our business we’ve also learned the fact that we have a lot of marketing experience and background makes us different than many other graphic design companies out there. We’re not just working on pretty designs, we make functional marketing pieces that work for you. We take the time to learn our client’s needs for their design pieces, their goals, and make sure the design pieces we prepare achieve those goals.  If we’re making signage for our client we’ll make sure it can be read from across the room or across the street with ease.  Or if our client wants to make a metal cut-out sign with their logo we’ll make sure the design for the logo is low colour so it will do that well, not be full of fancy colour blending that may look great in print or online but not work at all for a cut out sign.  Just a couple of examples of how we make a point of going the extra mile to make sure our clients are thrilled with the pieces we make for them.

At ARK Squared Productions we help you put your story forward visually.