About Anna Kouwenberg

What do you get when you combine a love for all things art with a love for computers? A perfect mix for someone who loves their work as a graphic designer and branding expert!  Couple that with a very “entrepreneurial” upbringing and you get Anna, our Creative Director.

While most girls were babysitting, Anna was starting her own “desktop publishing” company, well, okay, maybe she baby-sat too. Her parents had many self-employed business ventures and they relied on her continually for her artistic eye and easy use of design programs for their marketing design pieces. A love for graphic design was born!

When it came time for post secondary British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) was her first choice. Already having much design experience, she opted to take the Marketing Communications program to expand her expertise, and she graduated with honours. Upon completion she interned and had a brief contract with Great Canadian Casinos in their active Marketing department. With GCC she was an active part of the marketing team working directly with the in-house graphic designer, working on promotional and marketing planning and many other tasks. She handled much of the in-house design work for promotions while there as well.

After GCC she worked in Administration for a rapidly growing accounting firm in North Vancouver, Loren Nancke & Company, where she started as front-end reception and client relations and was quickly promoted to Office and Marketing Manager. While at LNCo she not only was able to hone her design and marketing skills but also learned much from the firm partners about how to be a successful business owner. When part of your job is listening to many client meetings you’re bound to gain much knowledge!

After having a couple of lovely children Anna opted to step away from the accounting firm and step out on her own. Instead of using her graphics and marketing skills for just one company she was now offering them for many – and loving the freedom that came with it to spend time with her growing family.

That was 2010, fast forward to today and many branding projects later, and Anna has now become a true graphic design professional that clients continue to seek out to bring their design visions to life. Her love of art and computers has turned into a passion for beautifully designed marketing pieces for the needs of her widely varied client base.