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Success Tip – Take Time for You!

One thing that I hear all the time from business people is how busy they are. Almost like how many hours you work equates with how successful you are as a business person. I mean, you must be pretty important if your work world would fall apart if you didn’t work an 80 hour week, right? I have different views! I would say you must be pretty important if you can make the same amount of money and work only 20 or 30 hours a week – seems much more valuable to me, or at least you’re making more per hour! But really though, when did the shift go to spending tons of time at work instead of taking time to enjoy life being success?

4 Tips to Increase Your Profitability

One of the biggest problems of being self employed is that you wear all the hats – CEO, CFO, Office Manager, HR, etc, etc. So how do you balance all that and still manage to sell your product or service and do all the work? I’ve learned a few tips along the way that I try to implement myself as much as possible, let me share a few of my favourites with you.

New Website Live Now!

Hello everyone! We are happy to announce our new website! We’ve officially joined the WordPress community now with more than just our blog – our whole site is now WordPress. We’ve talked before about the many advantages to using Content Management Systems, and now we’re doing it too.

Exercise Your Democratic Right – Vote! Municipal Elections this Saturday!

With the upcoming BC Municipal Elections this Saturday we thought we’d take a bit of time to highlight something that so many people miss out on. One thing that we’ve always been active in is voting. With so many people in the world not allowed this democratic right it’s the least one can do! And besides, how can voting be the voice of the people if so many people are not voting? All it takes is you, and your id, going to a local polling station and putting your ‘x’ where needed and there you go! The action of voting is not a large time commitment.

Happy New Year’s!

Over the next fe weeks, the ARK Squared blog will be looking at the Importance of Lighting, the Importance of Audio, Video and Visuals, and the need for a Well Rounded Event.

What to Expect From the ARK Squared Blog

Welcome to the ARK Squared blog! Our goal for our blog is to write a new post at least every Monday, with occasional bonus posts as topics come up that we want to address. The different topics that we’re planning on covering are Web Design, Graphic Design, Marketing, Technology, and Consulting and Events.