Social Media Management Tools

With the big buzz about Social Media now a days everyone is trying to get on board, whether they want to or not! Well there are some great tools out there that can make things easier for you whether the thought of Social Media makes your head spin or if you consider yourself a well seasoned expert. We’ve talked before about linking social media, and in there we briefly talked about social media managing tools, but I wanted to expand on that thought a bit more.

Linking Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

When it comes to Social Media for Business the biggest thing I always here is “I don’t have time for that”. So a common thing to do for Social Media is to link them all together. So for example, I post a “tweet” on Twitter and it then automatically gets sent to both my LinkedIn Account and Facebook Page. There are some that think that this is the best thing since sliced bread, and then there are others that think they should not be linked together. Let’s examine these two arguments…

LinkedIn Applications

This post we’ll be focusing on some different applications available with LinkedIn. These of course are just a few that I will highlight – there are so many out there to choose from! The thought here is to show you the potential of the applications and introduce you to them and then you can all go wild!

Linked In Profile Basics

What I want to share with you is different steps that you can take to get your profile completion level as close to 100% as possible. Let’s start at the top and work our way down…

Personalizing Twitter

We’ve discussed the importance of Social Media, being on the “big three” (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter), but once you’re there, then what? You’re going to want to stand out from the crowd. What we’re going to talk about over the next couple weeks or so is different ways to personalize your different Social Media accounts…

The Importance of Social Media

So what’s all the Social Media hype about anyway? Is it really that important? Easiest answer – yes! Social Media today is what the fax machine or email address introductions were in their time. Some resisted in adopting the technology, but eventually every respected business had them. Now a day if you don’t have an email address you barely exist!