The Importance of Lighting

Controlling the lighting of your environment can have a huge impact on the mood that you choose to set.  When planning an event you should consider adding dramatic lighting when you want to help direct the mood of the audience.  For example if you are doing a new product launch you may want to help build excitement by dimming the room lights and having dramatic stage lighting.  If you are inviting media to your event lighting is a must.  To portray a professional clean look you will want to have additional lighting over the standard lighting in the room.  Television cameras, particularly high definition cameras require bright lights to produce a crisp and clean image.  If you are having a gala dinner you will want to have control over the lights in the room.  Think of when you go to a restaurant for a nice evening, if the lights are too bright, you feel vulnerable, exposed, even like you are on display for others to see.  If the lights are to dark you feel like you are in a cave, and that you have to struggle to see what you are eating.  When the lighting is just right, you can relax and enjoy yourself. Keep these basic principles in mind when deciding the lighting in your event.  You can make the largest space feel intimate with the appropriate lighting.

You want to be sure that you use professional equipment to light your venue, the difference is extremely noticeable.  The standard residential lights range between 60 and 120 watts.  Professional lights typically start at 575 watts and move all the way up to over 1500 watts!  Not only do you get a brighter cleaner light, specialised light fixtures can provide a number of different feels for your light.  Sometimes you want an intense spotlight, other times a wide wash light is most appropriate.  Hiring a professional to help design, and set up your lighting is crucial. While you may be able to get the basic feel you want, an experienced technician can dial in the lighting to make it go from good to spectacular.

Lighting is evolving at a rapid pace at the moment; the advent of LED lighting allows you to not only control the brightness of the room but also the colour.  The colour options are endless with LED lights, but you need to make sure that they are used appropriately.  The last thing that you want to create is the feeling that a rainbow was sick in your venue!  Intelligent lighting is becoming more popular and more affordable as the technology improves.  These light have amazing abilities, but need to be used appropriately.  Intelligent lighting is also known as Moving Lights.  Many of these lights can perform multiple functions, acting both as a spot-light and a wash-light, change to any colour, and point any where in the room.  While these have been used for years in the theatre and music industry they are increasing in popularity for corporate functions.  Appropriate use of intelligent lighting can really make your event pop, and be a very memorable presentation.


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