Pulling everything together, from website to business card, logo to social media designs is what branding is all about. The image that portrays you online, in print, in your office, and beyond is what your brand is. ARK Squared Productions will work with you to develop this identity.

Consulting with a branding expert to set a foundation for your brand can make such a difference!  It sets the tone for all your marketing materials both offline and online.  We know when we’re working with our clients to develop their brand they’re trusting us with the face of their company and we take that responsibility seriously.

Getting Your Brand Started

Often branding starts with a logo and stems from there.  It’s amazing how much guidance you can get from something as simple, yet also complex, as a logo.  It can set the look and feel for all marketing pieces that follow – colours, fonts, style, and so much more stems from the logo.  We often find when working with companies that do not have a logo that it can be hard to pin down a design style to go with; having a logo to reference can truly make all the difference.

From logo you can then seamlessly move on to more marketing pieces, and your options are truly limitless.  Some types of pieces we’ve done over the years are:

  • Brochures, Rack Cards and Postcards
  • Letterhead and various stationery
  • Business Cards
  • Banners – Traditional Vinyl, Roll-up, etc
  • Interior or Exterior Signage
  • And SO much more!

When it comes to marketing pieces to represent your company your options are only limited by your imagination and creativity – and we can help encourage that in you too!

Working With Us

What we do for each of our clients is custom tailored to each client – no cookie-cutter templates here!  To do this we have a general process that we tend to follow which tends to be similar for each design piece.

We start off meeting with you to discuss your wants, needs and desires for your marketing piece.  We know just the right questions to ask to get the idea out of your head and onto “paper” – of whatever form of “paper” that may be!

Once we get the ideas we bring them to life!  We make a few different versions and send them to you and go back and forth with a few revisions until the final product is just what you envisioned; and you’d be surprised at how few revisions it often takes.

When the final product is ready to go we can send you all the files that you need or we’re also more than happy to communicate directly with your printer, sign company, web-developer, print publication, or whatever third party service provider is needed for that piece.  We’ll ensure that whatever the piece is designed for it works exactly as needed to get the job done.

Another thing that really sets us apart from many of the competition is that we don’t hold our files hostage.  Our thought is that you’ve paid us for a product and you own the designs, not us.  If you went to a coffee shop and got a coffee would they ask for it back when you walked out the door?  No.  So why should a graphic designer hold back your files from you?  That’s not how we operate.

So if you need a copy of your logo three years after we’ve designed it, just ask!  Or if we did up a business card for you and you want to provide it to someone – for whatever reason – we’ll send you the files.  We trust that our quality of service will keep our customers coming back, we don’t need to withhold thing to accomplish that!  We of course like to show off the art that we produce, possibly in our portfolio or other places, but ownership is yours.

Branding Portfolio