Having your brand customized is not limited to print materials – you can customize your online presence as well.  From a custom WordPress theme, through to a consistent look on your various social media profiles to how your emails look from your email marketing platform and more.

When it comes to websites we love WordPress!  WordPress is a Content Management System that allows us to give you a custom designed website that matches your branding all while using a system that is so intuitive that you can make many updates yourself.

We design custom WordPress themes for each of our websites.  This not only ensures that you have a design that is unique to you and designed with your branding in mind, but it also increases the security of your site.  We’re not taking the popular theme of the day that all the hackers know how to get into.  So you can rest assured that you’ll look good and your website will also be safe.

Another online touch-point with your customers that is so often overlooked is Social Media profiles.  Many of the social media profiles out there have aspects that can be customized.  Whether it’s a profile image, cover photo, header area – there is generally an aspect that you can customize to match your branding.  When you have that consistent look carried through all your other branding and you can pull it in through these platforms as well it really boosts your professionalism.

Online of course is not limited to websites and social media, one of the places that business people spend the most time today is in their email.  We are also able to help you get your brand set up in your email marketing system as well.  We are experienced in many of the online systems out there, from the popular ones like Constant Contact or MailChimp or even ones that are specific to your industry.  We are officially a Constant Contact Partner too.  With our technical experience and know how we can find a way to work with almost any email marketing platform out there.  So if you want to have that consistent look in your email marketing too we are happy to help.

Working With Us

Regardless of if you’re working with us for print materials or online, we make the time to meet with you in person or with the help of technology to get to know you and your company.  We find out your needs, wants and desires for your various touch-points with your customers and ensure we’re designing a product that meets your needs.

For any of our online work we always do mock-ups and show you different variations.  We’ll discuss these versions, make a few revisions and end up at the final product that matches your vision.  Once we have the vision set we’ll implement it, test it, and upon final review by you we’ll publish it.

Much like our offline marketing pieces you can rest assured that if you’ve paid for the designed piece, you own the designed piece.  We may show it off in our portfolio or the like, but it’s yours.  We’ll never hold your files hostage.  So if you need us to provide files or data to another service provider for whatever reason we’re more than happy to do so.

Online Portfolio