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Top 10 Website Do’s

There are many tips and tricks to making a good website.  In the next couple of posts we’re going to touch on things to focus on and avoid when designing a great website. Here are 10, in no particular order – they’re all important – that I am often surprised many people do not pay […]

Importance of a Website

One of the most important Marketing tools for a company today is a website. Years ago it was important to be listed in the phone book or “yellow pages”, but today if a client is going to look for you, the internet is where they turn.

What to Expect From the ARK Squared Blog

Welcome to the ARK Squared blog! Our goal for our blog is to write a new post at least every Monday, with occasional bonus posts as topics come up that we want to address. The different topics that we’re planning on covering are Web Design, Graphic Design, Marketing, Technology, and Consulting and Events.