Holiday Season, Great Time to Work With Your Graphic Designer!

It’s the holiday season – parties abound, gifts need to be found and purchased, houses need to be organized and cleaned for the holidays – our to-do lists get awfully long and scary this time of year!  We’re often so busy the last thing we often think about is ourselves or our company, but why not take some time to think about how you’re going to prepare yourself for the upcoming year?  The holiday season although busy is also one of the most common times for people to reflect on the past year and plan for the upcoming one – and don’t overlook your graphics, website or visual presence in general!

The Christmas season can be a great time to connect with your Designer to get some things done – get a custom designed Christmas card taken care of for email or snail mail, make sure you’ve got a great business card or brochure ready for any parties/get togethers, or even get your website ready for a “freshen up” come the new year.  One of the reasons that it can be a great time to get some of these items done is that the Christmas season can often be a very quite time for Designers – so you could get some great quality time with your designer this time of year!  Around this time last year we also wrote a post about Networking at Christmas & Holidays, if you’re going to be meeting a ton of people you want to be prepared, yes?

So before you start heading out to all your gatherings, parties and shindigs make sure your marketing material – from business card to social media profile images – are ready to come with you!  Embarrassed to hand your scruffy business card to your Uncle Fred?  Make sure it’s up-to-date!  And the social media profiles, website, and other items referenced on your business card or brochure should look up-to-date too!

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