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Consistency Is Key

Now that you have high quality graphics the next important thing is ensuring that they are used consistently throughout your company/organization and your marketing. When you are trying to put your best foot forward a key way to do that is to have a consistent look throughout your graphic material. So if you have a website, business cards, brochures, stationery, etc, etc, you want to use the same logo, colours, fonts, photos and more.

The Need for High Quality Design

Tell me, how seriously do you take a professional photographer if they give you a business card with bad graphics or a poor layout – or generally a “cheap” looking card?  You’d probably not think of sending your best friend to him when they’re looking for wedding photos would you?  Or how about a law […]

Presentation Do’s and Don’ts

Presentations are funny things. We have all been to countless underwhelming presentations, you know the kind, the ones in which you walk out of the door afterwards and if someone offered you cash to summarise the 3 key points you would stand there with a dumbstruck look on your face and you would try your best to stumble though the fog of the past hour. However, there are those few presentations that stick out in our minds, the ones in which you can vividly remember the stories, speakers or products in great detail.

Top 10 Website Don’ts

Just as there are good things to do to make a great website, there are some important things to make sure you DON’T do as well. One could make a rather large list of things to avoid