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How do you answer “So, What’s New?”

We’re all used to the common questions when networking tying to start up a conversation. Last week I focused on a common question of “So What Do You Do?” and another common one I get all the time when networking is “So, What’s New With You?” super common but more often then not answered incorrectly which could end a perfectly good conversation before it even has a chance to start! Probably the most common answer that I hear is “Oh not much, how about you?” and I say FAIL! (Not that I’ve never done it myself of course!)

How do you answer “So, What Do You Do?”

I’d have to say, next to asking your name or how you’re doing, one of the most popular questions you hear when networking is “So, what do you do?” Knee jerk response is generally to say what your job title is, what you ARE, so answers like “I’m an accountant” or “I’m a house cleaner” are the norm. It not only can end the start of a conversation, but it leaves the asker of the question to fill in the blanks and really decide what you do according to whatever experience or stereotype they may have already. Would you want that? I’d think not.

Google Doodles – Why Play with a Logo?

The cute Valentine’s Doodle from Google really left me thinking today.  I wondered, “hmm, why would a company like Google start changing their logo, just for the fun of it?”  The marketer and business women in me started wondering why would they employ people with the sole purpose of playing with their logo?  So I […]

Using Custom Fonts on Websites

As a graphic designer AND web designer one thing that I often find frustrating is making a site look really cool and making sure it’s as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly as possible. One of the biggest ways that I’ve felt constrained often is by what fonts that I can use. I mean, sure, I could use whatever font I want really and I’m sure it would look good to my eyes, but what if a potential customer of one of my clients goes to their site and they don’t have that same really cool font on their computer? Then the font gets substituted and likely does not look as cool and perhaps some alignment may also be off. So a no-go generally for cool fonts.