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Volunteering – Great Way to Increase Your Work Experience – Part 2

At the end of July we did a post on Volunteering, but I wanted to expand on that more.  Over the last year I’ve had the pleasure of working very closely with a fantastic organization, and you guessed it, as a volunteer.  It’s been beneficial in so many ways!  Let me hit on a few […]

The Importance of Lighting

Controlling the lighting of your environment can have a huge impact on the mood that you choose to set. When planning an event you should consider adding dramatic lighting when you want to help direct the mood of the audience.

Happy New Year’s!

Over the next fe weeks, the ARK Squared blog will be looking at the Importance of Lighting, the Importance of Audio, Video and Visuals, and the need for a Well Rounded Event.

Events on a Budget

There are many ways in which you can run an efficient event on a limited budget…Remember to balance cost savings with keeping a professional image.

Successful, Low-Stress Events

Pulling off a successful event is something that everyone wants; however to pull off a successful event with minimal stress and relative ease takes organization.

Presentation Do’s and Don’ts

Presentations are funny things. We have all been to countless underwhelming presentations, you know the kind, the ones in which you walk out of the door afterwards and if someone offered you cash to summarise the 3 key points you would stand there with a dumbstruck look on your face and you would try your best to stumble though the fog of the past hour. However, there are those few presentations that stick out in our minds, the ones in which you can vividly remember the stories, speakers or products in great detail.