Exercise Your Democratic Right – Vote! Municipal Elections this Saturday!

With the upcoming BC Municipal Elections this Saturday we thought we’d take a bit of time to highlight something that so many people miss out on.  One thing that we’ve always been active in is voting.  With so many people in the world not allowed this democratic right it’s the least one can do!  And besides, how can voting be the voice of the people if so many people are not voting?  All it takes is you, and your id, going to a local polling station and putting your ‘x’ where needed and there you go!  The action of voting is not a large time commitment.

That being said, I do believe that people that vote should inform themselves so they know who they should vote for.  So stay up to date with the media, if you can try and go to all candidates meetings or watch them on tv if possible (thinking Federal election here), read the brochures you get in the mail or from candidates going door to door, and a great source is your local paper.  For example, one of the local papers for the Tri-Cities (The NOW) has a great feature showcasing all of the candidates in our area, check it out here.  It has many articles, lists and bios of different candidates and more.  Of course you can also check out the websites of the candidates as well.

So get ready BC – it’s time to let your voice be heard – join us on Saturday as we head to the polls!

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