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It’s amazing how easily one can “fall of the wagon” when it comes to social media – be that blogging, tweeting, or interacting through other social media channels.  I know our blog has the occasional long quite stretch!  Sometimes it happens by accident, our schedules get away on us or what have you, but other times it’s that little voice in our head saying “but nothing’s really happening from it anyway…” so that leads me to a point to share, does social media, or traditional advertising for that matter, really work?  When you advertised a special you’re having or posted on Facebook about special sessions you’re offering, or whatever you may do advertising wise, and you get no direct response to the post is that ad/post a failure?  Not necessarily.

Let me explain my thought.  This runs along a similar mindset of being memorable by volunteering as I mention in point number two of a previous post, Volunteering – Great Way to Increase Your Work Experience – Part 2, if you’re more involved and visible with an organization/group people remember you more.  The same goes for advertising! That’s why when you see ads on TV, if you’re not skipping over them with your PVR of course, you tend to often see the same add multiple times, because the more you see it the more likely you’ll remember it.  So take that thought and apply it to Blogging, Social Media, etc – now I’m not saying be repetitive, that’s a sure way to get yourself removed and block by everyone, but what I’m saying is be visible.  By taking the time to do blog posts, tweet about a great article you saw, Instagram a photo of an event you’re at, etc, you’re staying visible to your connections.  And when your connections are reminded of your existence they’re more likely to remember you when they’re in need of your product or service.

So the next time your week is ticking away and you’re not sure if you should take the time out of your day to write another blog post or check up on Google Plus and see if you can comment on any of your connections’ posts, do it.  Or take the time when you’re setting your schedule for the week to section off half an hour a day or every other day to maintain those connections – you’ll stay visible and thus memorable because of it!

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