Happy New Year’s!

Happy New Years to all!  We at ARK Squared Productions have been very busy these first few weeks of 2011 and we wanted to let you know of the upcoming Blog topics for the next few weeks.  We would also love to have some reader contribution on our topics, and hopefully we can answer any questions that you may have!

We are going to start the year off with a series of articles on the importance of technology and presentation tools for your events.  We will be focusing on the Importance of Lighting, discussing when it is appropriate to get a professional to come and help with the lighting of an event, and the different moods and emotions that lighting can make.  The next topic will be the Importance of Audio, why you should always consider what your listening audience hears, what is too much, and what is drastically too little.  Following that with will discuss Video and Visuals, pointers on how to have a unified look for your event, and how little, often cost effective things can make a huge difference!  The last topic in this series will look at the need to balance all three of these areas in order to have a great presentation, understanding why some areas are more important than others and the overall benefits that each of these areas can bring to an event.

I would love to have some people share their disaster stories, and their triumphs with events!

Thanks for continuing to read our Blog!  Keep ARK Squared Productions in mind for your Graphics, Web Design, Event Support and more!  We look forward to working with you in the future!

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