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Opacity for Backgrounds with CSS 2

One problem that I can across recently while designing a website for a client was trying to make the background opaque without making all of it’s contents, or “children” opaque as well. I was pulling my hair out, scouring the internet trying to find a solution that did not use CSS 3 but CSS 2, because I wanted it to be very compatible with any browser. I tried a whole bunch of things and finally came up with a solution that worked – so I thought I’d share it as a resource for others who have had the same problem!

Browser Compatibility

When designing a great website one major thing that someone has to take into consideration is that not everyone uses the same web browser. There are 2 major browsers, Internet Explorer and Firefox and 3 other widely used ones as well (Chrome, Safari and Opera), and many others beyond those…

Consistency Is Key

Now that you have high quality graphics the next important thing is ensuring that they are used consistently throughout your company/organization and your marketing. When you are trying to put your best foot forward a key way to do that is to have a consistent look throughout your graphic material. So if you have a website, business cards, brochures, stationery, etc, etc, you want to use the same logo, colours, fonts, photos and more.

The Need for High Quality Design

Tell me, how seriously do you take a professional photographer if they give you a business card with bad graphics or a poor layout – or generally a “cheap” looking card?  You’d probably not think of sending your best friend to him when they’re looking for wedding photos would you?  Or how about a law […]

Top 10 Website Don’ts

Just as there are good things to do to make a great website, there are some important things to make sure you DON’T do as well. One could make a rather large list of things to avoid

Top 10 Website Do’s

There are many tips and tricks to making a good website.  In the next couple of posts we’re going to touch on things to focus on and avoid when designing a great website. Here are 10, in no particular order – they’re all important – that I am often surprised many people do not pay […]

Importance of a Website

One of the most important Marketing tools for a company today is a website. Years ago it was important to be listed in the phone book or “yellow pages”, but today if a client is going to look for you, the internet is where they turn.