How to Customize Your Twitter Background

One of the things that we’re always preaching about is consistency of your brand throughout your different marketing materials – and that includes online avenues as well.  From your website to Facebook to Twitter, you need to make sure that you have a consistent image.  One thing that I see far too often is people just using standard Twitter backgrounds and a poorly chosen headshot for their profile image.  If you’re a small business person the different places that you interact with your customers, business associates and other important contacts are ALL important.  We’ve talked about Personalizing Twitter a while back but I thought I would tell you how you can create and change your twitter background.

I’ll show you briefly how we made our background:

ARK Squared Twitter Background

There’s two main pieces that you’ll have to make and it’s easiest to start with the left “sidebar” area.  The sidebar image size I’ve had the best success with is 235 pixels wide by 700 pixels tall.  If you go any wider or taller you risk having important information cut off.  That being said, still make sure that your most important information is not near the extreme edges, just in case.

So our side image we started with ended up like this (in a larger size of course!):

ARK Squared Twitter Sidebar Image

Make sure that you give the image a transparent background so when you add it into the full image it doesn’t have a white background or another colour.

Next you want to make the full background image. This image should be about 2560 pixels wide by 1600 pixels tall. Once you get this ready make sure you add your correctly sized “sidebar” image placed in the top left corner. Our image looks like this (again, small for demonstration purposes):

ARK Squared Twitter Background ImageSo we’ve got our sidebar image in there, and starting just before the halfway point we did a repeating collage style design.  I’ve also seen other designers do 3 right sidebars starting at about the same point and increasing in size so it hits up various screen resolutions.  I like the collage style or something that is not as dependent on particular screen resolutions so your image doesn’t get cut off funny.

Once you get that large image ready all you need to do is these steps:

  1. Open up twitter in your browser, and sign in if you’re not already signed in
  2. On the right side of the top black/charcoal menu bar click on the grey profile outline icon with the little down arrow beside it and select “Settings” from the drop-down menu
  3. In the left-hand menu select “Design”
  4. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and in the “Customize your own” section click the “Choose File” button and find the twitter background image where you saved it and click “Open”, make sure that the box for “tile background” is not selected
  5. Set your background and link colours to colours that match your image. So for ours we used white for the “background” (#ffffff) and set the “link colour” to a light blue, (#0084B4). It is very important if you manually enter your colours that you make sure to use the number sign and then a six digit code, if you don’t it won’t work. You also have the choice of clicking on the colour block and selecting the colour you like from the rainbow that pops up. Save changes.
  6. Navigate to your home page via the very top-left icon to make sure it looks right

Once you do that you should have a customized twitter background image!  What a way to look professional. Don’t forget to make sure that you now have a professional headshot or good quality logo (in a square format!) for your profile image – that’s what everyone will see in their feeds so make sure it’s good!

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