Google Doodles Show Fun Corporate Culture

I’ve always been a fan of the Google Doodles, and I really like the interactive ones!  Today’s doodle paying tribute to the 46th Anniversary of the original series of Star Trek doesn’t disappoint!  You get to use the transporter, see them on the bridge, and smack a bad guy over the head!  Lots of fun.

Star Trek Google Doodle

What the Doodle today really made me think about is the importance of corporate culture for the success of your business.  We all can see how successful Google has become and many other companies with great corporate cultures, think of Virgin and it’s many subsidiaries.  Companies like this focus very intentionally on how their staff interact with both each other and their clients, and it’s obviously working, both of those companies are incredibly successful.

So think about that the next time you’re getting ready to hire an employee or even the next time you’re at a networking event.  How do you want your company portrayed, both internally and externally? It’s definitely something that a business owner has to not only think about but take actions towards.  If you want a certain atmosphere/culture/feel for your company make the decision and stick to it!

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