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Last post we talked about ways to get your profile completion percentage up, this post we’ll be focusing on some different applications available with LinkedIn.  These of course are just a few that I will highlight – there are so many out there to choose from!  The thought here is to show you the potential of the applications and introduce you to them and then you can all go wild!

The one application that I’ve been using so far is the WordPress application.  A couple other ones that I have heard great things about are both the Amazon Reading List application and the Creative Portfolio Display application.

The WordPress application is simple and effective.  Essentially, if you have a WordPress blog, through their site or your own, you can use the application.  It connects with your blog and takes a summary of your posts and lists them in a little window.  It offers a nice little teaser to grab people’s attention and get them to read your blog.  I would recommend having this pretty high up on your profile – it would be a shame for people to miss it because they didn’t scroll down far enough!  Right after your summary is a popular place for this one.  Depending on how many recommendations you have it can go after that as well, but not if you’re so popular that it would hide it really far down the list!  If you do not have a WordPress blog there is also another application called Blog Link that you could use as well.

Another popular application is the Amazon Reading List Application.  This allows you to highlight books that you’re currently reading and share that with others.  It can be a great conversation starter!  Think about this example, you are planning to meet someone over coffee for business so you do your homework, check out their website, their different Social Media Profiles and notice their reading a common book – how convenient of a conversation topic would that be?  Very handy, if you’re an avid book reader of course!

A final application – one of those ones that I’ve always wanted to use but never remember to find the time to do it – is the Creative Portfolio Display application.  They actually summarize it really well on their application download page: “After installing the application, upload your portfolio in the Behance Network, a free online platform for creative professionals. You can create an unlimited number of multimedia projects and can select which projects are displayed on your LinkedIn profile.”  So for all those creative folk out there you really have a way that you can showcase your work visually instead of trying to describe it in your summary – after all, “a picture is worth a thousand words” as they always say, so we can save people a whole lot of reading!

Those are just a small sampling of the many applications that are available for use through LinkedIn.  There are many, MANY more from file sharing applications, to different Social Media integration (we’ll touch on that more in the next post!) and showing where you’ve been travelling even!  Really a lot to choose from and I would highly recommend using at least a couple on your profile to not only allow you to stand out from the crowd a bit but also to add some interaction capabilities to your profile.  After all, the whole point of these different Social Media platforms is to be social right?

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