Networking at Christmas & Holidays

One of the best times of year to get some easy networking done is Christmas – or any holiday people gather for that matter. Either you’re spending time with the ones that you love and care about or the flipside of the coin, you can end up going to tons of different parties that give you a great opportunity to network with people that you haven’t met before.  Both are great situations for growing your business and thinking about networking!

Think family and loved ones for starters. A great source of referral business can be gained from family or close friends because you they know and trust you (we hope anyhow!) and those are the type of feelings that lead to the best referrals.  So as much as you may think, “oh this is a family get together, I don’t want to talk business”, when your cousin Johnny asks “Hey how’s it going?  What have you been up to?” It’s a nice casual way to let him know what’s going on professionally for you as well as personally of course.  Who knows, Cousin Johnny may have a connection with someone that you’ve been prospecting for months and cannot connect with!  Besides, we all want the ones we care about the most to succeed, right?  So if you’re family know what you do and they meet someone who needs your product or service the likelihood of getting a referral is pretty good – so make sure they know what you do!

The other side of holiday get-togethers are all of the new people that you meet.  Many holidays where people are getting together, throwing parties, etc, the name of the game is to meet new people while having a great time.  What better time to make a business connection then when everyone is happy and in good moods?  Connections that you make a holiday gatherings can have some good sticking power because it’s attached to a positive experience.

Overall just make sure that over Christmas or any holiday where people get together you keep your business cards (and business mindset!) handy –  you can meet some amazing people you’ve been dying to connect with and you wouldn’t want to miss that opportunity, would you?

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