New Twitter Header Image

One thing that always keeps us on our toes is how quickly technology changes – and that goes for Social Media too!  Twitter has added a new header image.  Not only does it look great on your profile page but it plays quite nicely with mobile devices where before there was little way to personalize the look of your twitter on mobile devices.

What they’re asking is for are images 1200 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall.  What we made for our header image looks like this:

ARK Squared Twitter Header Background

You’ll notice that most of the design elements are in the top corners leaving the middle particularly but also most of the bottom very simple.  The reason we do this is because in the middle is where your profile picture ends up and the bottom section is where your text displayed in your header goes.  So the final look in a computer internet browser looks like this:

ARK Squared Twitter Header

As you can see if we’d put any detail in the background image anywhere other than the corners it would have interfered with the text and images that Twitter puts up.

As mentioned it also adds a great bit of personalizing to mobile apps, my example is a screenshot from my twitter app on my Android Smartphone, but it works similarly on iPhone, iPad, etc.:

ARK Squared Twitter Header Mobile

As you can see it looks quite nice!  Now, if you haven’t uploaded an image yet for the header it will currently continue to display it with the old format for web, and for mobile it’s just a charcoal grey background where the custom image is above.  But why not take advantage of a great way to add some branding to your profile?  We’re all about having an integrated look and feel throughout your marketing material!  If you have trouble figuring it out we’d love to be of assistance, feel free to contact us!

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