Branding – More than just your Logo

When I’m out networking and doing my “elevator pitch” one of the things that I mention that I do to explain graphic and website design more is branding. What tends to come to most people’s minds when I say that is, “Oh, okay, she designs logos” – but it’s so much more than that! One thing that’s really important when designing is to develop your brand – a look, feel, colours, even a font that you use universally throughout all of your points of contact with your clients.

Importance of Vector Version of Logos and Graphics

One thing that has come up a lot for us lately and that we’ve touched on partially before, in our post Logos – Importance of a High Quality Logo, is the importance of vector graphics. Your logo is something that people see everywhere to represent you, so you want it to look the best, right? So why would you only have a bad copy of it as the only copy you have? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed a bunch of logos for different companies for projects and left sourcing out a logo online or if they email me something it’s a file that’s been copied, copied and copied and is now such poor quality.

Google Doodles – Why Play with a Logo?

The cute Valentine’s Doodle from Google really left me thinking today.  I wondered, “hmm, why would a company like Google start changing their logo, just for the fun of it?”  The marketer and business women in me started wondering why would they employ people with the sole purpose of playing with their logo?  So I […]

Easy Ways to Look Professional

While thinking of what to write for a blog this week one of the things that I thought of is “what are some things that really drive me nuts as a designer?” and a few things started running through my head – so here’s a summary of what they are and easy ways for you […]

Logos – Changing Logos

This is the final post for our Logo series, and as we’ve covered in the last couple of posts a logo can most often be the face of your company – so you want to get it right! Ideally you will be able to make a good decision, with the help of a professional graphic designer, to pick and design a great logo that will last you for quite some time. However, sometimes you either do not start with a good logo or your logo can get out dated and you have to change it. Keeping your logo current can show that your company is current. This is generally a very expensive decision, especially if you are a well established company, so not a decision made quickly!