Stay Visible with Social Media

It’s amazing how easily one can “fall of the wagon” when it comes to social media – be that blogging, tweeting, or interacting through other social media channels.  I know our blog has the occasional long quite stretch!  Sometimes it happens by accident, our schedules get away on us or what have you, but other […]

Google Doodles Show Fun Corporate Culture

I’ve always been a fan of the Google Doodles, and I really like the interactive ones! Today’s doodle paying tribute to the 46th Anniversary of the original series of Star Trek doesn’t disappoint! You get to use the transporter, see them on the bridge, and smack a bad guy over the head! Lots of fun.

Google Takes Doodle to the Next Level

Well Google has done it again, another great and unique “Doodle”. They’ve altered their home page graphic for their search engine in homage to Robert Moog

Google Doodles – Why Play with a Logo?

The cute Valentine’s Doodle from Google really left me thinking today.  I wondered, “hmm, why would a company like Google start changing their logo, just for the fun of it?”  The marketer and business women in me started wondering why would they employ people with the sole purpose of playing with their logo?  So I […]

The Wonder of Google Docs

A brilliant tool for collaboration that I have recently started to use more and more is Google Docs. First launched in August 2005 and expanded to include the Spreadsheet in June of 2006 Google Docs is a great way to share projects that you are working on. Recently in our office we have needed to have a few “living” documents, documents that we have needed to have multiple people in multiple locations working on the same parts…

Leads List Generating With Google Squared

All business to business companies know that one thing you’re bound to spend some time on is learning about different companies so you can target them as a potential client. For example, if you’re a carpet cleaning company looking to make a connection with different carpet installation companies you might want to know some of the companies in your area and how to contact them. Generally that meant either spending a lot of time on the internet looking things up, make lots of phone calls, or pounding the pavement – but overall a large time investment. Well, Google has a great product that can do a lot of this work for you – FREE!