The Importance of Social Media

So what’s all the Social Media hype about anyway?  Is it really that important?  Easiest answer – yes!  Social Media today is what the fax machine or email address introductions were in their time.  Some resisted in adopting the technology, but eventually every respected business had them.  Now a day if you don’t have an email address you barely exist!  To demonstrate my point let me show you a short minute and a half video we came across the other day talking about email addresses:

Looking back on a video like that we laugh – but then think about it, is that what we’ll be like in the future with things like facebook, twitter, and the like?  Most professional agree that one will “not exist” if not on the various Social Media platforms.

Another thing to think about is how quickly technology is adopted today versus in the past.  Take a look at this image:

Adoption rates of technology

Even just comparing the rate of adoption of car to microwave – it took cars about 70 years to be owned by over 80% of Americans, but only 20 years for the microwave!  And that increased rate of adoption of new technology only speeds up!  So if you are “waiting to see what happens” you could very well miss out on some great opportunities.

To end off I would recommend even if you do not have the time at the moment to invest in Social Media, or the know-how for that matter as they’re not easy to figure out, at least go to “the big four” and reserve your name, company name, etc.  Much like domain names most of the Social Media Platforms only have one of each username available, so get it before it’s gone!  So visit facebook and get your personal profile, business page; Twitter to get your personal name and/or business name; LinkedIn to get you personal and business profiles; and also YouTube sign up for you “channel”.  You may not feel that you need them right now, but as they say, “hind-sight is 20-20!” – get it before it’s gone!

 Stay tuned next week as we discuss more in-depth about great ways to personalize some of the different Social Media Platforms!

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