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Choosing a Facebook Cover Photo

Last post we talked about Facebook Timeline, here I want to expand on one thought a little farther, what to choose for your cover photo. There are two different main ways that you can go, simply a photo of something or you can make an image that’s fully branded. We personally have opted for a bit of a hybrid, but lets expand on that a bit more.

Your Page and Profile Ready for Facebook Timeline on March 30th?

Whether we like it or not Facebook timeline is coming – and it’s only 3 days away! Facebook will transition all profiles and pages to “Timline”, question is, will you be ready? We’ve got a couple tips to have your new timeline look nice instead of empty!

What to get ready for meeting with your Designer

So you’ve finally decided it’s time to make that website you’ve always been putting off, or update your brochure or business card, now what? Well if you have a designer selected you’ll need to meet with them to make it happen. Instead of just showing up and hoping they can pull out of your head what you want there are a few things you can do in advance that will help the process start (and thus finish) faster.

Google Doodles – Why Play with a Logo?

The cute Valentine’s Doodle from Google really left me thinking today.  I wondered, “hmm, why would a company like Google start changing their logo, just for the fun of it?”  The marketer and business women in me started wondering why would they employ people with the sole purpose of playing with their logo?  So I […]

Using Custom Fonts on Websites

As a graphic designer AND web designer one thing that I often find frustrating is making a site look really cool and making sure it’s as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly as possible. One of the biggest ways that I’ve felt constrained often is by what fonts that I can use. I mean, sure, I could use whatever font I want really and I’m sure it would look good to my eyes, but what if a potential customer of one of my clients goes to their site and they don’t have that same really cool font on their computer? Then the font gets substituted and likely does not look as cool and perhaps some alignment may also be off. So a no-go generally for cool fonts.

Easy Ways to Look Professional

While thinking of what to write for a blog this week one of the things that I thought of is “what are some things that really drive me nuts as a designer?” and a few things started running through my head – so here’s a summary of what they are and easy ways for you […]

Colors – Importance and Choosing

We’ve mentioned before the importance of your logo, images, etc, and a major part of that are the color choices you make. If you are a massage therapist for example, you’re not going to want to stress someone out by having bright red be one of your colors. It needs to be something you devote some serious thought to…

Logos – Changing Logos

This is the final post for our Logo series, and as we’ve covered in the last couple of posts a logo can most often be the face of your company – so you want to get it right! Ideally you will be able to make a good decision, with the help of a professional graphic designer, to pick and design a great logo that will last you for quite some time. However, sometimes you either do not start with a good logo or your logo can get out dated and you have to change it. Keeping your logo current can show that your company is current. This is generally a very expensive decision, especially if you are a well established company, so not a decision made quickly!

Logos – Text or No Text?

Another thing that one has to think about when designing a logo is if you want to incorporate text into your logo or not. There are a few major companies that are moving away from the text and sticking just with images, yet there are others that if they took the text out of the logo they would not even have a logo left! You have to decide what it right for your company.

Logos – Importance of a High Quality Logo

The key piece to any visual consistency in a company is the logo. Everything can come from the logo – colours used throughout marketing elements, a general feel for anything from business cards to websites. If you don’t have a logo, or don’t have a good one, you can find yourself having a tough time being consistent throughout various marketing mediums because you do not have a strong base.